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Sublimation is a printing method that perfectly meets the requirements of sportsmen and people who spend their time actively – this method is not only durable and gives unlimited possibilities of creation, but also ensures breathability and full comfort of use. Our customers can choose from 14 models of womens, mens and childrens clothing. We also sew according to individual customer’s preferences.

We make prints on proven, high-quality knit fabrics intended for sports and casual wear. All knitted fabrics in our offer are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and we work only with reliable suppliers from Poland and the EU. The knitted fabrics are characterised by excellent resistance to sunlight, washing, abrasion and perspiration. We select parameters of knitted fabrics individually according to the customer’s needs.

Sublimation is performed with high quality dyes certified by Oeko-Tex. We guarantee repeatability of prints, juicy, deep colours, black intensity and sharp contours. We are able to obtain and work out any colour.

Our clothes are sewn on dedicated machines such as autolap (flat stitching), overlock or chain machines. Refined production line, knowledge and high sewing skills guarantee high quality of each product.

Take advantage of our sublimation clothing offer!

Date: 24 May 2022