Instructions for unfolding the bag

Place the bag on a flat surface.

Place your right hand inside the bag and slide your thumb and forefinger along the left stitching from top to bottom.

Put your right hand inside the bag and your left hand outside the bag and with both hands at the same time unfold the left side of a bottom by extending your thumb and index finger. When a triangle is formed inside the bag on the left bottom, it means that the left side is correctly unfolded.

Slide the open thumb and index finger of your right hand along the bottom, inside the bag, from the left unfolded side to the right one.

Turn the bag 180º and unfold the right side in the same way as the left (point 3).

Take your hand out of the bag and straighten the bottom of the bag from the outside, at the same time press the bottom of the bag against the ground with palm of your left and right hands. The bottom of the bag should be in a rectangular shape.